[TELEGRAM] Left vs. Right Politics, and Other Perishable Items

“Fill your mind with the meaningless stimuli of a world preoccupied with meaningless things, and it will not be easy to feel peace in your heart.” -Marianne Williamson

Did Bill O Reilly’s show opener really just proclaim that he dominates the other cable news programs? Wow, it really did. Someone actually inserted the word ‘dominate’ into the intro of a so-called news show. That was one stupid thing too many for today. As if ratings have anything to do with credibility or objectivity.

I am sick and tired of politics as usual. Yes, the right wing have become crazy and the left wing can’t talk about anything else. In a grand reversal, the right are now super sensitive (too fragile to allow for gay marriage, mosques and the fourth amendment) while the left have become a bunch of finger-pointers. This bizarro world would make the head of Superman spin. Meanwhile, the federal government remains unaccountable. All of this is old news at this point. It’s like Groundhog’s Day. Americans replay the same scenario over and over again, but in our version, Sarah Palin has hijacked Andie MacDowell’s role. This country is one big monster truck rally. Hooting and hollering, noise and smoke. A loud show that leaves me longing for some fresh air. Oh and a special thanks to all of the partisan stooges. Their pointless bickering is driving the getaway car now that the rich have successfully fleeced this country. Hey- when will the President start to break beer bottles over his head to prove that he’s tough enough? Forget the lapel pin, it’s bottle breaking that should be the new requirement for high office. Someone tweet me when it happens? That will be a press conference for the history books, I tell you. Surely cable news will debate both sides of the issue, and it will be a great day for America.

At least we have social media. Thank God for Facebook’s Top News option- it presorts the banality so that I don’t have to. Brilliant, just like everything else. Oh look, me and my fellow Christians are writing about church infighting again! Hey- it brings the traffic, can you blame us? Does any of it matter though? Will anyone remember any of this with any level of sincerity or seriousness? Most of it is just noise. Most of it isn’t meaningful and most of it won’t last. Too many people are writing these days. Too many people issuing 140 character press releases about nothing. Maybe I’m one of them. Maybe I should let go of it and never look back. Maybe writing isn’t for me.

Hey God- I know that I won’t remember most of that stuff but I pray that I will remember you. Will you teach me how to push through this red, white and blue brier patch and find a clearing so that we can catch up more often? You know there are times when I get weary of this world and these faults of mine. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. I amplify the noise, I distract, I refuse beauty like the best of the cynics. Thank you for your patience and grace- they are more wonderful to receive than ever before. You rejuvenate me. That last bit sounded like I just plagiarized Jerry Maguire, but I didn’t. Watch it again, Lord, you’ll see that I’m right about that. It’s a great movie if you ignore the last ten minutes. Did you give Tom Cruise the ingredients to make an ageless potion at some point, God? Because you still haven’t answered me about my receding hairline, and we both know how important that is.


Are these telegrams new to you? Here’s a little background on what they are, and why.


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