[TELEGRAM] Procrastination and Perfectionism Disguised as Religious Faith

“We’ve done nothing wrong. But we’ve done nothing.” -Jimmy Eat World

“I’m waiting for God to open doors and point the way,” one person says. They have been saying it for years. Ironic, that human inactivity points a finger at God and asks “what’s taking you so long?”

“I can’t mess up now and I can’t afford to stop. Success requires that I be more impressive.” Another person’s lofty expectations order God to take a seat and grab a magazine or something- it’s going to be awhile until the Deity is called upon. If and when it happens, will the thing be for Divine glory or the glory of the person obsessing over self?

The procrastinator and the perfectionist are both at risk of becoming disoriented in the fog of superiority.

Meanwhile messy, humbled, hopeful people are taking steps, making mistakes, falling into progress, and continuing to show up. They are praying for wisdom, for guidance, and for God to be glorified. They are taking risks and asking for help, because they’ve learned it to be the livelier path with enduring results compared to doing very little or doing it all.


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