My Video Discussing ‘The Role of the Church in the Broader Culture’

Photo credit: 2007 Marc Nozell/flickr

Last November, I was invited (and excited) to join Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne on their TV show in Nashville to discuss the topic of ‘The Role of the Church in the Broader Culture.’ The idea for the topic stemmed from my popular (and first) post on Campolo’s Red Letter Christians site titled ‘It is Time For the American Christian Church to Surrender the Gay Marriage Fight, Apologize, and Share Love.’

The producers asked me to record a brief introduction to the topic which you can watch by clicking through. As for the half hour conversation between Campolo, Claiborne, and yours truly, it will air in late January on TBN and its affiliates across the country.

As soon as I know the specifics, I will update this post and share the dates, times and channels via Twitter and Facebook. If you’re interested and happen to miss the show, it will eventually come to rest on the Red Letter Christian’s site under RLC TV.

ps- My wife and I have been made aware that the pot in the background looks like a cross between Wilson from ‘Cast Away’ and Sideshow Bob from ‘The Simpsons.’ We’ve also been told it looks like a giant pickle, but due to the limitations of black and white photography, you don’t get to gaze upon its dazzling emerald hues. Your loss.


4 thoughts on “My Video Discussing ‘The Role of the Church in the Broader Culture’

  1. An issue that has frustrated me is the assumptions that Christians make about other Christians. “Well, you must be a Republican.” or “You must be against gay marriage.” “Or you must be against abortion of any kind.” Because of where I live and work I have had the dilemma of walking a fine line of modeling respect for all and not being outspoken about not fitting the “Christian image.” By the way, I loved the short video and applaud your willingness to stand for what is right.

  2. Bravo Ian! I respect your thoughts and feelings. I admire how you stand up proudly for what you believe in and yet are not afraid to show humility. Looking forward to seeing you on TV.

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