Ian Interviewed by Cinephilia & Beyond


Following their enthusiastic review of ‘From the Sky,’ Cinephilia & Beyond chatted with Ian about formative films and filmmakers, the genesis of ‘From the Sky,’ goals and setbacks, and more. In this excerpt, Ian elaborates on some of the film’s influences:

“In terms of how I would build From the Sky, I was thinking along the lines of Lessons of Darkness by Herzog, Picnic at Hanging Rock by Peter Weir, and Jaws, and how much that film doesn’t show us. These reference points helped to form a loose outer boundary of the kind of film I wanted to make, and it really helped so that I could focus on conflict and characterization, and getting my story tightly wound.”

Read the full interview here:

The Vision and Struggles of a Dedicated Filmmaker: A Conversation with Ian Ebright