Principal Photography Wraps on Ian’s New Film; Crowdfund Underway

Devil Needs a Fix-0146

Pictured: Rosalie Miller plays a waitress in ‘The Devil Needs a Fix.’ Photo by Regan MacStravic.

In ‘The Devil Needs a Fix,’ the devil invites a reporter to coffee and an interview, which will lead to the reporter’s big break- if everything goes as planned. Thanks to the generosity of a few initial donors and a cast and crew from Seattle and Los Angeles who donated their talents, Ian’s new project as writer/director filmed around Seattle in late May. Based on Ian’s eleventh screenplay, ‘The Devil Needs a Fix’ is an unconventional narrative short film which looks at the sophisticated nature of fear, disconnectedness, and longing in a modern society.

With principal photography now complete, the creative team (including key From the Sky cast and crew members) have launched a Kickstarter campaign so that they can raise funds to proceed into post production and finish the film. The campaign runs through July 14th. For more information- visit the Projects page, or the Kickstarter campaign below:

THE DEVIL NEEDS A FIX- Post Production Kickstarter campaign