What Keeps Us From Truly Celebrating?

Oh, stock photo. Could you be any more artificial?

Celebration is a word that conjures up cheesy imagery for me; something like the photo above. I picture plastic champagne flutes clanking together, confetti spraying into the air and a lone obnoxious white guy with suspenders breakdancing in the middle of an empty dance floor. But true celebration should be a component of a life well-lived. So what keeps us from it?


Failure: Learning From, or Living In It

Photo credit: FailBlog.org

I am interested in people who have achieved great things, but not on their own terms, and in a field that was never their original intent. I’m sure you’ve read about examples of this. Devastating failure often precedes greatness for those brave enough to change the course of their life. I’ve read some heroic examples of this recently and it’s got me thinking.