The Only Thing Worse Than Doing What You Love…

Rush was my favorite band for at least a decade when I was growing up. In addition to having sold 40 million records worldwide, their tours are still lucrative enough to place them among the top earning live acts. My brother and I once saw them perform a three-hour set at the Gorge. Around that time, I read something from drummer Neil Peart that has stuck with me. He said “the only thing worse than touring, is not touring.”  That isn’t difficult to understand considering they’ve been playing and touring together since 1974.


What Music Are You Listening To?


I would be a lot more productive if there wasn’t so much good music to listen to, and I know I’m not the only one. Even though this hunger for new music is probably a bit much, I’d still like to trade you some of my latest recommendations for one or two of yours.


EXCLUSIVE: Mixing The ‘End’ With Dishwalla’s J.R. Richards PART III

Photo Credit: Ian Ebright |  The Broken Telegraph

It’s my last day at RadioStar Studios, and a song titled ‘June Becomes July’ is on the agenda. J.R. Richards wants to re-record some backup vocals for this track, but he’s having issues and admittedly so. He is attempting to strip away the character from his voice; a struggle for a lead singer trained to impliment the very same inflections. “The best backup vocal should be really equal and flat,” Richards explains, citing U2′s The Edge as the perfect example (who sounds like Bono without the vocal signature). The giant Margarita from the night before isn’t exactly helping his vocal chords either.


EXCLUSIVE: Mixing The ‘End’ With Dishwalla’s J.R. Richards PART II

Photo credit: Ian Ebright | The Broken Telegraph

J.R. Richards and engineer Michael C. Ross are huddled in front of the Boomerang in Studio B. The song ‘Clearwater’ is booming from the speakers on top of the massive console and generating puffs of air that are blowing past my arms intermittently. Richards is in the zone; he’s leaning on his elbows and listening with intent.  


EXCLUSIVE: Mixing The ‘End’ with Dishwalla’s J.R. Richards PART I


Photo Credit:Ian Ebright |  The Broken Telegraph

There’s something surreal about this particular August afternoon in Weed, California. Outside of the recording studios, it’s 85 degrees and the sky is cloudless, but I have to strain my eyes to realize that.  The distant forest fires plaguing the state have covered the local sky with a veil of translucent blue smoke, and brought the scent of charred nature to this humbly-sized town at the base of Mount Shasta.

I get my first look inside the recording studios where Dishwalla’s singer/songwriter J.R. Richards is mixing his debut album, and like the setting outside, this space is far from predictable. The primary facility of the RadioStar Studios compound is a Vaudevillian theater that was built way back during the early 20th century. That, and it’s also haunted.  (more…)

Now Hear This: Rob Dickinson’s ‘Fresh Wine for the Horses’

Rob Dickinson is a panther

Rob Dickinson was the lead singer of Catherine Wheel. You remember- that four-piece alternative rock act who received an honorary “favorite band ever” trophy during an imaginary ceremony in my head. The guys from Great Yarmouth, England released what is likely the greatest album of all time- ‘Chrome,’ and played a show in Vancouver, BC in support of their fourth album ‘Adam and Eve ‘ which was easily the best concert experience of my life. Is there a pattern forming here?