The Current State of Race Relations in America

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by Guest Contributor Brian Robinson

When I told a good friend of mine that I was going to write a little about the state of  American race relations in 2009 she replied, “Can’t you write about something light?” Now, it wasn’t a slam on me, race or racism and whether or not it exists in our country. It’s just something that most Americans just don’t want to talk about very much.


“It is hard in America. Why are we here?” Illegal Aliens Taking Care of American Seniors

Border Fence. Imperial Sand Dunes, California. 2009photo © 2009 ERIC WHITE | more info (via: Wylio)
By Guest Contributor Brian Robinson

Since the middle of the years long race for the Presidential nomination there has been one topic that (while once a flash-point in the American conversation) has now receded back to whispers: illegal immigration. Actually, the only reference that I have heard to it lately is that illegal immigration has fallen off due to the rotten economy we have. Suddenly the golden streets of America just don’t shine like they used to.


Proposition 8: Don’t H8, Legislate!

Photo credit: Barbara Davidson, Los Angeles Times

by Guest Contributor Brian Robinson

Well, that didn’t last long. On the day after we elected our first African-American president, which gave the nation a shot of badly needed self-respect and the warm feeling of accomplishment that we’ve gotten over a collective hurdle, comes the bracing sting of cold water thrown in the face of black Californians. The word “Nigger” is flung about like so much cow dung at the same targets as usual, but by a brand new group of people: California Gays. (Although to be even more specific, I guess I have to say “White” Californian Gays but, you get the idea.)