The Thing That Is Higher Than the Evolution vs. Creationism Debate

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In the red corner we have the creationists: Ken Ham with his Creation Museum, Ray Comfort and his nightmarish banana (complete with unavoidable innuendos), and Kent Hovind. In the blue corner are the evolutionists: Francis Collins and his trusty genome mapping, John Medina with those delightful oratory skills, and the always articulate Alister McGrath. Kirk Cameron is cheering those in the red corner while Richard Dawkins hollers in support of the blue corner. No wait, it looks like Dawkins is getting up and walking out. He looks confused. Apparently he’s in the wrong arena.

It’s a fight to the finish between the faithful. Now why are we fighting?


Kurzweil: Mainstream Alternative Energy Within Years, Will Challenge Oil

Solar panels
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We are just a few years away from the emergence of mainstream alternative energy- like solar power- that will be cost-competitive with fossil fuels. Futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil happens to think so, and if his history of technological forecasting is any guide, we should probably believe him.