Learning My Limits: Tiffany Lucus Says Goodbye for Awhile

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If I had to tell you my biggest weakness, it would be knowing my limits.  I’m all or nothing and I don’t stop.  Growing up, “lazy” was worse than any four letter word. But the time has come for me to slow down. It is not easy but fortunately I have gracious friends who are helping me gently step away for a bit.


When Past Hurt Threatens the Joy of Current Blessings

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Well, the time has come to announce that I’m 6 months pregnant.  We are expecting a little girl on January 19th of 2013.  I’ve waited to write about it.  I’ve waited to be excited about it.  My past has haunted me this entire pregnancy and it has threatened to steal every ounce of joy out of this miraculous moment. I’ll tell you why.


What the Green River Killer Has to Do With My Unexpected Lesson in Forgiveness

Gary Ridgway and Jesus. Photo credit: 2010 liquidnight/flickr. Use does not represent endorsement by the photographer.

Since I was a little girl, I have always known uttering the words “I forgive you” meant something special.  It was something that had to be asked for after an apology, it was something that had to be meant in your heart when you said it, and it was something that wiped your slate clean when you heard it. But I didn’t know how much power that phrase packed until I watched a documentary on Gary Ridgway, AKA The Green River Killer.


50 Shades of Grey: Harmless Fantasy, Female Empowerment, or a Substitute for Real Intimacy?

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’50 Shades of Grey,’ the novel by E.L. James, is taking our world by storm, which you already knew.  Bookstores cannot keep in on the shelves.  It is hitting record numbers in e-reader downloads and  in only 6 weeks, outsold ‘The Hunger Games,’ putting it as the best-selling book, thus far, of 2012.

Before we delve into this subject, I will concede that I have not read a single page of this book.  But I have read plenty of reviews, watched video reviews and listened to quite a few people explain this book to me. After reading and hearing all that I have on this book I’ve chosen not to read it, if that makes sense.  Is it harmless fantasy? I’m not sure it is.


Is the Church Changing Lives or Building its Fan Base?

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I subscribe to quite a few Facebook pages for local churches, to keep up on notices for upcoming events and possible areas of need.  There is one unfortunate Facebook status update on these church news feeds which seems to be popping up more frequently and it instantly makes my heart sad: “we saved 100 souls today!!!”

It is not the soul-saving part that makes me sad.  I know the impact that Jesus has had in my life and I want all to experience the peace and grace that comes with knowing him.  What hurts my heart is when I start wondering what will happen afterwards. It feels like we are losing new Christians to the numbers game.


The Conclusion of the Heartbreak Series: Saying Goodbye

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They say grief is a journey, and I’m ready to agree with that.  It has been a long one for me.  They say every journey has a destination.  That’s true as well. The time has come for this journey to end.  I have to say goodbye to the baby I lost to a miscarriage, and let go of this heartbreak once and for all.


The Death Penalty is My Biggest Spiritual Struggle

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“An eye for an eye.” It is one of the earliest forms of justice we know of.  You hurt someone? You, in turn, get hurt back. A kill for a kill.  It seems fair, right? But then Jesus makes his entrance into this world. We no longer have to pay for our sins with our own lives.  Now the “He who is without sin, cast the first stone” line of thinking comes into play.  Forgiveness enters our world and with that I find myself engulfed in the biggest intellectual struggle.

As Christians, are we to be for or against the death penalty? Here is where my battle begins.


Legalism, and Why I Eventually Ate Witchcraft Granola

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If you are anything like me you grew up with a Christianity that involved a strict set of rules.  The Bible, starring as the rule book,  never seemed at the time to be much more than a list of legalities one had to follow to be apart of the Christian club. One area that I found particularly terrifying was the possibility of ending up in hell. It seemed like there were so many ways to land down there. Without daily diligence it could almost happen by surprise.


When Heartbreak Ruins Friendships, and My Letter of Apology

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Over the last few months I’ve written about heartbreak: my initial heartbreak in Heartbreak and Hope, and I’ve also talked about how that heartbreak actually strengthened the relationship between my husband and I in Marriage and Tragedy:  How Heartbreak Brought us Closer Together.  But today I’m here to talk about a side of heartbreak that does not really have a silver lining.  I’m here to tell you how heartbreak has hurt some of my closest friendships. Perhaps you can relate.


Why, as a Christian, I’m Not Joining the Fight Against Gay Marriage

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We have a hot one in the news right now.  Washington State has legalized same sex marriage and there is no doubt that Christians are often fired up about this issue. We are rallying, we are petitioning; flat out, we are against this. “This should not happen.  This is an abomination.  God would not approve.  They are sinning.  It says right in the Bible that what they are doing is wrong.  Have they not read Leviticus?  What about Romans?  It is our job to FIX them, not give them the right to marry.  It is the end times and they are surely all going to hell.”

Except, I don’t believe that, and I am a Christian. In fact, I support gay marriage.