Slow Times Show True Character

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I am sure it is news to no one that we are in very tough economic times.  Perhaps if you live in a hovel in the back woods you are unaware, but if you own a radio, TV, scan newspapers or go out into public, ever you see that hard times are hitting us with full force.  Though up until very recently this rough patch was only a morning news story to me.  It really didn’t effect me at all.  The bank I am with did not close, we don’t have hundreds (or pennies) in the stock market, we have no major investments that have been horrifically impacted and most importantly my husband and I were both working 40 hours a week.  We work for a strong company and we anticipated that we would just skate right on through this with no feathers ruffled.  That was, until recently.


Surviving Unemployment

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by Guest Contributor Brian Robinson

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend who is facing intermittent employment; he’s in construction and its more sporadic than ever in an already sporadic industry.  It was an interesting conversation that contained very familiar emotions and recognizable sentiments as I was unemployed due to a layoff for nine months in 2007. While I can say my friend and I are/were both in the same boat in terms of facing the uncertainty of not working and not knowing when we will be again, our situations are very different. He’s got four children that he’s responsible for (one that is a ‘special needs’ child) and has a home to care for while I am single and live in a condo (although, a mortgage is a mortgage.) But it’s certainly more intense with dependents to care for. I should mention that my friend is a Black belt in Kung Fu and is very involved in the world of Eastern Philosophy and martial arts. I suggested to him that he tap into the soothing powers of meditation to help him get through the emotional ups and downs of being unemployed. It’s a hell of a ride.